Saturday, 16 September 2017

Spending money

Despite stocking up last week when we finally got a working fridgefreezer, I still spent nearly £40 today on food for next week, much more than I should for just the two of us, but less than I've been spending whilst shopping every other day.

I bought a small piece of lamb for Sunday lunch, I shall turn the leftovers into a casserole.

I also bought some 2 chicken pieces, 2  burgers, 4 potatoes, broccoli, and cabbage, I have mushrooms and onions left from last week. I forgot to buy carrots but I'll get them on Monday. We ate the burgers today in soft rolls.

The plan is to make some portions of lamb casserole and chicken curry for CHS to take to work next week. He's working until 10pm each night so he'd prefer to eat at work.

I will make a vegetarian curry for my lunches next week and use up some of the tins from the cupboard.

More downs than ups

It's been a week of ups and downs.

Work is busy, I knew it would be, some people are really worried about me leaving, they are not sure how they will cope.

We have the usual intake of new students and staff, one brand new year 7 managed to get sanctioned on his very first day! It doesn't bode well for the rest of his time at school.

Some of the new staff are nice, one even commented on how nice and calm it was in my department as his previous experiences had left him expecting chaos and bad temper. Some are less so, especially the trainees who think the term 'support staff' means servant.

CHS was told on Thursday that he was expected to extend his shift today, he refused, we have plans.
We are expected to change our plans at the drop of a hat even though those higher up the food chain have known about this for almost 3 weeks.

We are both annoyed at the lack of notice, a colleague suggested it was just an oversight that more notice was not given.
I replied that once, maybe twice could be seen as an oversight, but that as no reasonable notice is ever provided, it is an insult. The support staff are not seen as being valuable enough to have their plans and arrangements taken into consideration.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Bashed and battered, shaken and rattled.

Not a peaceful night last night, the wind blew mightily for most of the night.

We boinged against the jetty a few times and got generally bounced and rocked around throughout the night. CHS got up at one point to close the windows as they were rattling so.

We lost our chimney top, but we have lost a few over time, 3 or 4 at least, I'll order a new one tomorrow.

We fared better than some people on the marina, a lot if satellite dishes were hanging over the edges of the boats. We don't have a dish so we didn't have that problem.

There was also a tree down but it didn't do any damage fortunately.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

There may be trouble ahead

There is at least one grumpy boater on the Marina. This boater has complained about everyone and everything on the marina.

Eventually, in desperation he was moved to the end of an otherwise empty jetty.

It seem to work and there were no more complaints.

But now there is a problem looming, there are 12 new boats arriving, there will be no more spaces free, hey ho, if he complains about me he'll get short shrift.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Peeling fingers and a blocked wee pole

I'm a bit tired at the moment, I'm doing two jobs.
I'm still doing my school job and I'm boat cleaning when I get home each day.
Because I'm tired the old grey cells aren't working to capacity, so when I noticed that the skin was peeling off that's of my fingers I was a little disconcerted. Eventually I realised it was the fingers that I scalded a while ago, the skin had been dry and rough and eventually peeled off.

When Captain Hot Stuff announced yesterday morning that his wee poles were blocked I immediately assumed a trip to the Dr's was on the cards and offered to make him an appointment. After a few minutes of confused and confusing conversation I ascertained that what he actually said was ' The weep holes are blocked'.
Weep holes are small holes in the window fittings, they get filled with moss and need cleaning out occasionally. Much less painful than blocked wee poles I'm sure.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Making money, spending money

I'm now have some 'one off' boat cleans booked for next week on top of my regular bookings, so there is a trickle of money coming in.
Next month will be my final pay packet and it will be only about £300 so I need to keep building my customer base.

We have ordered a new fridge/freezer £169. We finally found somewhere that had one in stock that we could look at and measure.
We've also bought a new gangplank that doubles as a rescue ladder and a brollymate.
It fits on the tiller and will hold a brolly or a small whirly washing line.

We lit the stove today as it's rained all day and was pretty chilly. The cost of having the stove lit was slightly  offset by using it to make lunch. I opened 2 tins of soup and stood them on top of the stove. I had pea and ham, CHS had mushroom. The soups  were piping hot in about 20 minutes, this also cut down on the washing up as there were no pans to wash.

I've got a rash

I was reading on the MSE  forum recently that to get a good night's sleep it's best to sleep naked.
Someone said she'd tried it but got very little sleep because her husband thought it was an invitation and was all over her like a rash.
I always sleep naked!

Cleaning the boat means I spend a lot of time on my knees, CHS always sees this as an invitation!

Yesterday we went to a colleagues 60th birthday party, I wore a dress for the first time in 6 weeks, as I was wearing heels I also wore sheer black hold ups, CHS love's hold ups.
We were a little late to the party, like I said I have a rash, but I like it!