Wednesday, 21 February 2018


I've mentioned previously that I shop twice a week as I have so little room in the fridgefreezer.
Well I have excelled myself today, my first shop of the week came to £1.59.
I bought a carrot, an onion and some potatoes.

I have a casserole simmering on the multi fuel stove, it smells delicious.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Fecking BMV readings

As he was on the day shift most of last week and this  my beloved charged me with taking the solar readings. He has even printed of a chart for me to fill in, much to my joy and delight, as you may imagine!

Upon his return home he perused the charts and sometimes mentions that the reading aren't taken as regularly as he would like. As I have cleaning to do and childcare duties I feel this is understandable.

The other thing he was asking repeatedly was ' what were you doing when you took this reading? It's very high/low. '
I explained that when I took that specific reading, I was taking the reading, I am unable to work my sewing machine or anything else simultaneously.
This of course was not really acceptable.

Eventually I told him where he could shove his chart, preferably sideways and peace reigns once more!

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Another bone of contention

This time about the parking spaces.
There are enough for everybody but some people think they are entitled to park at the end of the jetty where they moor. Whilst this would be ideal it is not practicable. At least two boaters have three vehicles and as there are six boats to a jetty you can see the problem.
At least this time we are not part of the problem as we park at the far end of the car park where there is lots of room.

I'll leave you with some photos I have taken of some of the places we have moored.

Friday, 16 February 2018


Since moving on to the boat my shopping habits have changed.
I now shop twice a week, with such a small fridge freezer I find it is the only way.
To start with I spent far too much money but I've finally managed to get back on track.
I spent £11 in the supermarket and £6 in the butcher's.
I bought enough food to last until Tuesday, on Tuesday I'll have to shop for milk bread and vegetables.


I drive a small Nissan it suits me, it's not flashy but it's comfortable.
It has an assortment of gizmos, heated wing mirrors and parking sensors.
It has central locking as most cars do now and I can lock and unlock it from a few yards away.
What I'd really like though is a car that when I press the remote control would wave a flag and shout 'Cooee, I'm over here'. It would save a me lot of time wandering around car parks looking for it.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Fractious factions

Things have quieted down a bit on the marina, some of the more vociferous complainants seem to be taking a breather.

Some factions are still arguing but less so, as now the new company has taken over, more maintenance is being done and even more is planned.

We are moving on in March out onto the cut, we may return here for a winter mooring.

I'm keeping my head down until then, I find the gossiping a bit much.

I inadvertently stood on a few toes when I started boat cleaning, there are other people here who clean boats and they feel I have stolen their work.

So I have decided to give up, they won't get the work when I stop because the people I clean for didn't want to employ them in the first place.

Hey ho I can manage without the money and I can definitely manage without the grief!


I've mentioned previously that I shop twice a week as I have so little room in the fridgefreezer. Well I have excelled myself today, my...